Have you ever dreamt of walking into an epic sunset, seing beauty everywhere around you? Have you ever felt a longing for the freedom and freshness of vast wildernesses?

We will give you a taste, a gentle introduction, of how it is possible to survive in such a place. We will show you the roots of our common ancestry and the simple complexity of living wild.

Our courses are practical and non-ideological courses, but we also wish to nurture a respect for nature. When it becomes obvious how completely we depend on our environment, we hope it will be equally obvious that we have to go further to keep it healthy.

This year two courses are on offer:

Veidemann Course

Norway Expedition

For a totally immersed experience, you can join us in our subsistence activities for a week. Alone or with a few friends:

Hunter-Gatherer Experience

If you want us to tailor a course for your group or company, or want more information about what we can offer, contact us here.