We want to offer you unique wilderness experiences. Our goal is that the participants at every course will actually be living off the land, something rarely offered on survival courses. We want to teach you the necessary skills to survive in the wilds while actually doing so.

Some of our courses are run in participation with other schools. These are our own instructors:

Torjus Gaaren

Grown up in a remote location of Telemark county in Norway, he has been passionate about the old ways and nature all of his life. Over the years he has built knowledge and experience within all fields required to live off the land in the boreal forest. He lived in a lavvo (tipi like tent), for most of the years between 2007 and 2010.

Website: http://livingprimitively.com/

YouTube Channel: Practical Wildman


Laje Gaaren

Having grown up in the same remote place, his upbringing and interests are similar, but focusing more on hunting. He started hunting at a very early age and is one of the most successful hunters in the area. Part of his day-to-day work is building traditional log cabins.